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Blog | Cubs - The Great Indoors Activities
26/03/2020 By Paul Marsh



Just because we are stuck indoors, it doesnt mean we have to stop our Cub Scouting! #TheGreatIndoors

In this blog we will keep adding some ideas for you to work on at home, so check back regulally.

You can find additional activity ideas that the Scouting HQ has produced here: scouts.org.uk/thegreatindoors

As you fulfill the badge requirements, keep a record and bring them with you once we are back to our regualr Thursday meetings, and feel free to share what you do along the way on our social media - we'd love to see what you are up to!


 Photographer Activity Badge 

Would be good to do this at round the home and in the garden, if you collect some pictures and print them off using a computer program with some words, this could also go towards an IT badge. collect all that you have done and bring them along when we all get back.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Show that you know how to use and look after a digital camera or smartphone camera.

    Show how to change the mode, change the settings, use the zoom function, and transfer photos to another device.

  2. Take at least five photos of your local area that could be used on a tourist leaflet or website.

  3. Take photos while you’re on a trip, camp or another event.

    Show 10 of your best photos to someone else after the event. You could present them in a scrapbook, on a screen, in a photo book or some other way.

  4. Choose one of these activities to do:

    1. Create two photos of the same thing, one in colour and one in black and white. Compare how the effects change the way the final picture looks.

    2. Make a short film on a subject of your choice.

    3. Using a series of photos, make a short animation sequence.

    4. Edit a photo using a smartphone or editing software. Explain what you have changed and why



Home Help Activity Badge

How to earn your badge

  1. Plan, cook and serve a simple one-course meal.

  2. Wash up afterwards. Show how to clean a saucepan or other cooking utensils, cutlery and glasses. You could use a dishwasher for this step, including loading and unloading it.

  3. Help sort out the washing. Load and unload the washing machine.

  4. Iron at least two items. They could be things like pillowcases, t-shirts or trousers.

  5. Sew on a button.

  6. Help to clean and tidy a living room.

  7. Clean at least two items in your home. They could be things like a basin or kitchen cupboard, silverware or brass.

  8. Take sheets, pillow covers and the duvet cover off a bed and help to put clean ones on. Make your own bed for a week.




Naturalist Activity Badge

1. Learn how to identify six different living things from two of these 
garden birds
water birds
minibeasts and insects
wild flowers
pond dwellers
butterflies and moths
That means you should have 12 examples in total. 
2. Over three months, visit the same natural area at least four times. Take a note of the changes in the plants and wildlife that you see. You might visit a garden, hedgerow, canal, river lake or park. Make sure that you have an adult’s permission for the visits.
3. Learn the countryside code and how to follow it.
4. Choose one of these activities to do:
  • Create a piece of art using natural material. You could do a bark or leaf rubbing, dried flower picture or maybe a collage.
  • Use a dye that uses natural ingredients to colour a piece of material.
  • Make a feeding station for birds. Get permission to hang it in a good position.
  • Make a hedgehog, ladybird or bee house.
  • With an adult pick wild edible berries, leaves or fruit. Use them in a recipe.
For number 2, it must be agreed with an adult that a young person can visit a natural area. They must know where a young person is and how long they are going to be.
When picking plants or berries for number 4, it is very important to know that plants and berries in the countryside can be poisonous and you should avoid touching and never eat them


Book Reader Activity Badge

How to earn your badge


  1. Make a list of at least six books you have read or used recently. Books you have read on an e-reader count too.
  2. Name the authors of your books. Tell your leader or other Cubs something about three of your books. At least one book should be fiction and one should be non-fiction.
  3. Show that you know how to care for your books and know the benefits a library can bring to people who enjoy reading.
  4. Show that you can use a dictionary and a thesaurus. 
  5. Write a review of your favourite book and share it with your Sixer, an Explorer Scout Young Leader or your Cub Leader.


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